About Me

Hey there.

My name is Marko Pargo Ivanov. I’ve been doing B2B Demand Generation, Account Based Marketing, Lead Nurturing & Copywriting for the past 8 years.

This is me in Lagos, Portugal

I was born in a small Southern European country called Macedonia. I lived in California and worked as a B2B Advertiser before founding my own SaaS start-up where I work these past 3 years.

I use the combination of these 4 skills to run digital marketing campaigns and generate booked meetings and demos with c-level executives in Fortune 500 companies for the cheapest price possible.

I enjoy what I do, but I believe that the way companies are running campaigns in 2021 is way too outdated, which is the reason why companies are still sticking around with generating demand through sales, since their campaigns simply just, don’t work.

I believe that generating demand through online campaigns is much easier, far more scalable, less stressful and definitely very rewardable once done right.

Head over to my blog and read my in-depth article on how you can transform your demand generation. All of my content is un-gated and free to access.